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Meet my dog Jack.

Meet my dog named Jack.


My name is John, by day I own a small painting company that I contract scheduled commercial work for my normal income. My company I started in 2011 after many years of working for others, it was a move I wanted to do for years in the making. Owning my own company gives me my freedom to earn much more than what someone else was willing to pay me to work. Over time, I started doing more commercial accounts and stopped all residential advertising leaving that headache to others.

When I’m not busy working either with my company or online I’m usually off fishing the St. Johns river near my house. Fishing has been in my blood since I was about 7yrs old I guess and I still get excited to go fishing with every trip I make. Since I live near one of the greatest rivers to fish I try to go as often as I can, I love to explore the river as I fish.

I started online many years ago as I used to talk to people and play games online as well as emails and family contacts. After several years I started to get involved in a work from home job online and I thought at the time, I’d be happy afterward. The job was a customer service rep where I worked through their portal and used a headset and their phone platform. Turned out to be irate customers wanting many answers I didn’t have to give so I quit doing that job not long after getting it.

The desire to earn money online somehow never left me and I did everything from eBay to affiliate programs trying to earn. Before long, I had made a few sales and that sealed the deal for me and I never quit trying to earn online after that day. Discovering that I actually could make money online kept me sometimes busy for days and days reading and learning. Since this time, I finally did the right thing and joined Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member and I never looked back afterward. Wealthy Affiliate has shown me why I struggled in the past trying to earn online and why now I’m making money again.

Helping Others

Helping people is something I do in many ways from donating things to physical work to helping others earn money online. People helping people keep things going round and as much as I like to try to help people I’ve also had people help me.

Basically everybody helps everybody at times and lately I get asked for help by many people about making money online. When someone asks for help and you give it and they succeed it tends to make you feel good that you helped them.

Personally I help many people, most I don’t know but some are premium members and starter members at Wealthy Affiliate. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is something everyone should do because it’s free to join and you will learn how to be successful. The premium upgrade is worth every penny because of what you get besides all the awesome training that’s included.


Convincing Others

This is one of many sites that I own and built using the Wealthy Affiliate platform and I add more all the time. Getting this sight in front of people who are interested in learning how to make money online and learn from the best is my end goal. There are many niches for anyone wants to earn money online and you can build them into profitable sites.

Convincing others this is not hard is a challenge because some tend to convince themselves they can’t before they start. Anyone who signs up under me I’m always there to help you and I will help you even if you’re not a premium member. Wealthy Affiliate has the best community in the affiliate marketing platform and everyone will help besides any of my help. Sign up free and see why you will want to go premium, it’s simply the best platform for affiliate marketers period.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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