More Information About Me


More information about me. My name is John, I own a small painting company and I contract scheduled commercial jobs for certain clients. The company was started in 2011 after years of working for others, it was a move many years in the making. Owning my own company allows freedom to earn more money than others are willing to pay for my hard work. Over the last several years I’ve phased out residential contracts in favor of only contracting commercial work.


Fishing St. John River

Fishing St. Johns river is a favorite past time of mine when I’m not busy with work. Boating St. Johns river is just as fun as fishing St. Johns river and there’s a local boat ramp not far from me. Fishing has been a part of my life since a very young age and I still get excited to go on fishing trips.

More Information About Me

Since I live near the largest river in Florida I try to go fishing often. I love to explore the river as I fish.

Cruising St. Johns river is probably my favorite thing to do once I launch my boat in the water.  Navigating St. Johns river can be tricky because it’s absolutely huge. The St. Johns river is 310 miles long beginning in Melbourne  and flowing north ending in Jacksonville.

There’s so much to explore cruising St. Johns river, plus it connects to Crescent lake and lake George. The best advice for anyone navigating St. Johns river would be to buy a St. Johns river Florida map.


More Information About Me

The possibilities of getting lost happens pretty easy with so many forks off St. Johns river that lead to a dead end. Sometimes I stay at one of many St. Johns river fish camps, they’re fantastic and they cater to those who love to fish.


Why Wealthy Affiliate

I started online in the late 1990’s. I’d mostly talk to people and play games online as well as emails and family contacts. After a few years online I got involved working from home and I thought I’d be happy but I wasn’t at all. The online job was a customer service rep, I worked through a portal and used a headset and their phone platform. Turned out to be irate customers wanting answers I didn’t have, so I quit doing that job not long after I landed it.

The desire to earn money online never left me and I did everything from eBay to affiliate programs to try to earn. Before long I was making sales and that sealed the deal for me, I never quit trying to earn online after that day. Discovering that I actually could make money online kept me busy for days reading and learning.

Since those days, I joined Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member to learn the process of building out my business. After researching why wealthy affiliate is the best choice I signed up and I’ve never looked back. Wealthy Affiliate taught me the reasons I struggled with affiliate marketing before and the solutions to making money online now.


More Information About Me – Helping Others

Whether it’s physical work or helping others with business promotions and affiliate marketing, I enjoy helping others reach their goals. People helping people keeps momentum going and I like helping, I’ve received help too.

More Information About Me

Everybody helps everybody at times and lately I get asked for help often about ways to make money online. When someone asks for help and you give that help, it tends to make you feel good especially if they succeed.

Personally I help many people that I’ve never met and some are not members at Wealthy Affiliate. Joining Wealthy Affiliate is something everyone should do because it’s free to join. Learn how to be successful with nothing to lose. Premium upgrade is worth every penny because of what it offers besides all the awesome training that’s included.


More Information About Me – Convincing Others

This site was built using my Wealthy Affiliate platform were I create sites any time I get an idea for a new project. There’s a million plus niches to earn money online with Wealthy Affiliate, why not turn idea’s into profitable sites.

Convincing others can be tough because some people convince themselves they can’t do certain things before they ever try. 

More Information About Me

Wealthy Affiliate is the best community for affiliate marketing with an outstanding platform to work from building a business. Sign up free or better yet become a premium member, it’s simply the best platform for affiliate marketing period.

Ask questions using Wealthy Affiliate chat and by posting to the community, sometimes several solutions are better than just one answer.

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